If you enrolled in the program prior to 6/1/2014, you’ll remain on your current plan until changing your covered mobile device. After your qualifying event, change in handset or program termination for any reason, your deductible and premium may change. New enrollments as of 6/1/2014 will be on the updated program. For more details, view the updated program guide which will be available on 6/1/2014.

Our low premiums are designed to provide coverage for anyone on a budget. Depending upon the make and model of your phone, your monthly premium will be between $4.99 and $10.99. If you file an approved claim, you’ll also pay a one-time deductible when your replacement is authorized.

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Our comprehensive coverage includes an impressive range of unexpected incidents, including loss, theft, accidental damage and malfunction (after the manufacturer's warranty)devices.

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Terms & Conditions

We’ve made the claims process a breeze. Call our Customer Care Center at 855-309-8345, you’ll be pleased with how easy we’ve made it for you.

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What Our Clients Say

Giovanna M.

“You guys made this process stress-free! Thank you! ”

Bryan M.

“I was pleasantly surprised that the claim process was so easy and that I got my desired result with no delays. Thank you! ”


What Are Your Customer Service Hours?

Our friendly representatives are here to assist. Call our Customer Care Center Monday through Saturday 8am – 10pm ET and Sunday from noon to 10pm ET. Or, if you need something that just can’t wait, an automated attendant is available 24/7.

Will I Get the Same Phone for an Approved Claim?
we make it our mission to send you the same device. If due to market conditions or supply this just isn’t possible, you have our word that your replacement device will be of like features and quality.

What’s My Deductible?

We’ll collect a one-time deductible when your claim is accepted. Check ourhandy grid to see what your deductible will be.

Filing claims are easy with our online claims wizard.

Call us anytime Monday through Saturday 8am – 10pm ET and Sunday from noon to 10pm ET.

Our Customer Support number is 855-309-8345