Our low premiums are designed to provide coverage for anyone on a budget. Depending upon the make and model of your phone, {{cost}}. If you file an approved claim, you’ll also pay a one-time deductible when your replacement is authorized.

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Our comprehensive coverage includes an impressive range of unexpected incidents, including {{coverage}}.

Now enhanced with NQ Mobile Security Features, our bundled offering also guards against online threats, secures data privacy, keeps your device running at optimum speed, and boasts premium anti-theft features.

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Terms & Conditions

We’ve made the claims process a breeze. Simply visit your local {{CarrierName}} store for assistance. You’ll be pleased with how easy we’ve made it for you.

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What Our Clients Say

“Really happy to have this protection program. It’s worth every penny!” – Erika V.

“Very pleased with the knowledge and timeliness on getting the replacement device to us. Thanks!” – Danielle S.

“Your reps made this process stress-free! Thank you!” – Rick H.


What Are Your Customer Service Hours?

Our friendly representatives are here to assist. Call our Customer Care Center {{hours}}.

Will I Get the Same Phone for an Approved Claim?
We make it our mission to provide you the same device. If due to market conditions or supply this just isn’t possible, you have our word that your replacement device will be of like features and quality.

What’s My Deductible?

We’ll collect a one-time deductible when your claim is accepted. Check our handy grid to see what your deductible will be.

Get help with filing a claim at our Claim Center.

Call us anytime {{hours}}.

Our Customer Support number is {{CarrierContactNumber}}